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The Studio of Taiwo DuVall

Greetings! Taiwo DuVall, author, artist, musician and folklorist, was born and raised in Washington, D.C. After surviving his military service as a paratrooper, he lived and worked in Harlem, New York City. During his time in New York, Taiwo graduated from the Pan American Art School of NYC (1956-61) and owned an art studio on "Striver's Row" in Harlem. He writes about these experiences and more in his published book, Venial Sins: An Autobiography. To order the book, please go to my store. To review it and/or download the Kindle version (which can be read on any digital device using the Kindle App or via the Kindle Cloud Reader), please go to Amazon.com.

As of August 2015, he launched a new blog, For Real on GoodReads.com.

Taiwo creates intricate woodcuts, portraiture, landscapes and book illustrations. His artwork is also displayed at the Weusi Artist Collective website, and has been featured in the following articles:

The Daily Texan newspaper, written while Mr. DuVall was living in Austin, TX.

Of Note Magazine, an interview during the Weusi Art Show at the Harlem Dwyer Cultural Center, NYC.

CALABAR Magazine™, featured at the 40th International African Arts Festival.

Presently, Taiwo DuVall resides in New Jersey.
To contact Mr. DuVall, call (212) 390-1984 or email him at taiwoduvall (at) yahoo [dot] com

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